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Japanese Princess Makes Shocking Statement About 2012

It is never easy for anyone to publicly speak about what we might expect to happen in 2012, but after her spiritual awakening, Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamaru is on record for talking about how the Earth will change into a 5th dimensional reality for those who are spiritually prepared.

On January 2, 2012, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan spoke about the impending changes after December 21, 2012, including the shift to a 5th dimensional planet, but not before three days and three nights of complete darkness without the capability of using anything electrical. According to Princess Nakamaru, onlt those in high levels of government are aware of these changes, which is why they have built their underground bunkers. Princess Nakamaru does not think these bunkers will save the elite.

"We need to purify our spiritual condition, physically and spiritually," stated Princess Nakamaru. "I'll tell you how to do it. It is very important. Almighty God, the creator of the god, itself, is the light and love and energy. Part of that energy of the love, we have in our heart(s). We can tell a lie to the other people but we cannot tell a lie to ourselves. That is (what I would call,) the conscience. Each human being has that beautiful part of the creator in our souls that will reincarnate. That is the eternal God we have inside.

That means in order to purify our souls, every 5 years or so since we are born, we can take a look at, with that conscience, how we behaved, how we thought, how we talked about... and all of these things can gratify bu looking at our life every 5 years up until now. This way, each time we find something (where) we did something harmful to the other people, we can gratify and purify that. And each time we find it,

our heart expands. We can breathe it very deeply and each time we have that experience, all of this darkness goes out of our hearts while all of this golden light is coming into our hearts. That way, we can see better and better. We still have some time, before 2012, December 22nd."

"Physically, we can also purify our bodies. First of all, we should never drink canned juice or canned beer (because) aluminum is very, very harmful to our bodies. Without knowing, we take all of these poisonous foods and drinks. So, each of our bodies can take care ourselves (with) things like that. And some kind of exercise is necessary and each day, we can defect (sp?) our spirit, how it is."

"In essence, we human being(s) are light and love because part of Creator we have in our heart(s) and that, did, incarnate by leaving part of our bodies here on Earth, but spirit goes on (and) keep(s) on living."

"We are so divided after 1913 [the inception of the Federal Reserve] (in regard to) the kind of people who believe in this kind of concept (versus) the kind of people who don't. We're splitting very, very deeply and all of the people who don't understand this, don't believe it or (have a) completely dark spiritual condition, they will be born to the "other planet" just like on this Earth, (where) there is violence and war."

From what Princess Nakamaru stated, her vision of what is to come after December 21, 2012 is very reminiscent of Dolores Cannon's view on 5d Earth, where the Earth will be divided into two Earths. One Earth will be 5th dimensional, full of beauty and harmony while the other Earth will be exactly what we have right now, 3rd dimensional and full of war and violence. Perhaps this is why the mainstream media and all governments keeps us living in the vibration of fear?

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan has traveled to 186 countries to meet world leaders, royalty and business tycoons to promote world peace. She has published 40 books and describes her personal spiritual outlook on life and the after-life. In parts 2 and 3 of her interview, the Princess talks with Prince Leo Lyon Zagami of Santa Elia, Sicily who visited Japan recently.

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