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Egyptian artifacts - modern helicopters, tanks, and other high-tech machines

Dark Mission: Interview with Richard Hoagland

By Wes Penre, February 10, 2010

Wes Penre, February 10, 2010: There is a very interesting interview where Richard Hoagland is interviewed by Project Camelot. He is talking about (among other things) his view on 2012. A fascinating part is when he mentions the Egyptian artifacts, where you clearly can see modern helicopters, tanks, and other high-tech machines (from an old Egyptian standpoint), created thousands of years ago (see picture above).
Hoagland suggests that Pharaoh Seti I (~1290 BC to 1279 BC) had access to secret knowledge from his past, from Atlantis, and how memories of this technology was preserved in Egyptian art. This could very well be true, but what about if Seti I and his high priests could actually look into the future?
Atlantis, allegedly, was a lot about time travel, and if that knowledge was carried on via secret societies through Egypt into modern days, that knowledge may still be available. Perhaps preserving the mummies of the Pharaohs was a way of preserving their DNA for future use. All these initiated priests and rulers of old Egypt knew they would incarnate over and over, and DNA and bloodline was/is important.
Although Hoagland may be correct, I just want the reader to expand their thinking a little further and ponder the possibility that the machines pictured in the artifact could be a peak into the future from Seti I’s perspective. If so, these pictures could not have been interpreted until now, in our time, when these machines actually exist exactly the way their are portrayed.

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